Consider a Modular Approach to Constructing Condensate Splitters


How  building condensate splitters in modules and then carrying to site can reduce costs, improve reliability, speed assembly

Stronger export markets for condensate has led to more interest in condensate splitters. Often, stick-building these complex installations can mean long construction schedules. Oil and gas companies should consider a ‘modular’ approach, in which components are carried to site after being assembled in a central factory location. Advantages include fewer work stoppages because of lack of pipe, valves or other components, because parts and supplies are readily to hand. There’s less need to build weather delays into the timeline. Working on a plant floor means that there is less chance of having QA/QC issues. Disadvantages to modular construction include the need to design the modules so that they fit onto the barge or truck. As well, while modules can be designed as tightly or as loosely as required, sometimes pipes and valves may be fitted so closely together, so that it may be difficult to access them for maintenance or replacement.

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