Audubon Companies Help Streamline Pipeline-Related Projects

December 15, 2014 Audubon Companies

Pipeline projects are often considered to be a high-risk undertaking. Between funding, right of way, due diligence, complex regulatory frameworks, and geographical limitations, any number of issues can arise to cause costly delays, or in some instances, permanently prevent a project from being completed.

Audubon Companies offers a number of services that can help owners and operators maximize the profitability of their operation by minimizing the risk of running into these issues. Some of these services include:

Hydraulic Modeling – Hydraulic modeling plays a critical role in the development of oil and gas pipeline infrastructure. As more transmission lines are installed across North America, flow networks have become more complex. Audubon Companies delivers practical, cost-effective solutions to flow problems and pipeline system development through proven hydraulic modeling technologies.

GIS Mapping – The shortest path does not always equal the least cost path, as seen repeatedly through the use of GIS mapping. Despite its many benefits, some operators have still been reluctant to take full advantage of GIS services, and with right of ways becoming congested, route selection is more complex than it has ever been. In addition to speeding up the pipeline construction process, Audubon Companies uses GIS to ensure that valuable funds aren’t being wasted developing sub-optimal routes.

3D Laser Scanning – Designed for speed, accuracy, and mobility, Audubon Companies’ state-of-the-art 3D laser scanners collect millions of data points to precisely map complex terrain in a matter of minutes. This reduces manpower requirements, improves field safety, and ensures optimal selection of pipeline routes.

As-Built Surveying – As-built surveys are becoming a staple of highly successful pipeline projects. They are often used to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and can be useful for adjusting project schedules without incurring any extra costs.

For more information on Audubon Companies’ pipeline solutions or field services, click here.

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