The Advantages of Outsourcing Gas Compression and Gathering Services

February 26, 2015 Audubon Companies

Compression and gathering systems play a critical role in virtually all natural gas operations. Whether at the well site, on the pipeline, or in the processing facility, the technical services and personnel required to keep these systems running efficiently are becoming increasingly important. If you’re a company who isn’t using a third-party provider to handle your gathering and compression demands, you could be leaving money on the table.

In recent years, more and more natural gas producers have started to realize the benefits of outsourcing their gathering and compression operations to third-party engineering firms. Among the many advantages, perhaps the most prominent is that it gives producers quick, easy, and risk-free access to highly qualified personnel. Skilled professionals are harder and harder to come by in the oil and gas industry these days, but by utilizing outside contractors that specialize in midstream operations, difficult manpower challenges can be overcome.

Having unqualified personnel operate gathering and compression systems also leads to more downtime, under-utilization of equipment, and ultimately less return on investment. Using qualified vendors to operate these systems provides increased flexibility, allowing natural gas producers to shift more of their focus and capital spending to areas that more directly contribute to revenue streams. Better management of compression and gathering processes also results in more throughput, which directly impacts profitability.

Audubon Companies installs, operates, and maintains gathering and compression systems that allow producers to get their gas to market quicker, implementing innovative solutions that are fully compliant with all applicable state and federal regulations. Our Gathering Systems team is structured to work alongside engineers, using collected data to make economically sound decisions, from upfront high-level conceptual planning to startup.

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