Audubon Companies Presents at GPA 2015 Convention

April 15, 2015 April Hearne

Tim Miller and Dave Beck of Audubon Companies presented their paper, “Maximizing the Gas Processing Market by Combining NGL Recovery with LNG Production,” at the 94th GPA Convention in San Antonio, Texas on Monday April 13, 2015.

Beck, who is a managing partner with the company, and Miller, a processing engineering manager, discussed how the market is shifting from multi-ton to small-scale LNG production facilities as well as how LNG facilities are being paired with natural gas processing plants. With many oil and gas companies “tightening the belt” across vertical markets, Beck and Miller believe that coupling NGL plants with LNG production facilities provides a low cost, low emission fuel alternative to customers as well as an additional revenue stream and product offering for the marketplace.

The two shared their experiences with the audience on why integrating these types of facilities works well and what the best integration methods are. “We are eager to demonstrate a technical and commercial presentation on how LNG can be produced at a reduced capital cost in the typical gas midstream market,” Beck said before the convention. Miller echoed Beck’s sentiments. “I am excited to learn more [at the GPA convention] about what is going on in the industry to take it to the next level.”

In celebration of its involvement with the GPA Convention, Audubon Companies, along with Opero Energy and Cimation, hosted a live 80s rock concert featuring Austin-based, cover bandSkyRocket! later that evening. Guests enjoyed classic tunes like Bon Jovi, Journey, and more while one guest received an Epiphone Limited Edition Les Paul electric guitar.

Audubon Companies provides multidisciplinary engineering, consulting, field, and pipeline services to the oil & gas industry. Together with our vast network of industry and vendor alliances, we offer flexible, integrated, and cost-effective EPCM solutions and scalability to the onshore and offshore verticals. As your trusted partner, we believe in cultivating client relationships through a collaborative, progressive approach while maintaining the highest safety standards — on time and within budget.

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