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People. Flexibility. Relationships. Experience. REV0-8-MAR-2019 Audubon Field Solutions (AFS) provided pipeline regulatory compliance and asset management services to develop and deploy a new crude oil pipeline operations and maintenance program. To meet the client's operational needs, AFS customized their ArcOnline web portal and developed a base analytics and reporting system. Sharepoint was utilized to facilitate work sharing and requests. ArcOnline was also incorporated into the SharePoint scheduling and tracking features. Licensing and access rights were established for Concentric and ArcOnline account users. AFS provided two (2) years of maintenance and technical support with the ownership of data and online systems maintained by the client. AFS offered an option for existing pipeline systems to allow the initial site set up to be designed to streamline the migration of as-built data to ArcOnline. The project complied with US Department of Transportation requirements - Transportation of Hazardous Liquids by Pipeline - 49 CFR Part 195. Project Overview › New Construction › Regulated Crude Transportation & Gathering › Integrated Project Approach › ArcOnline Project Web Portal Scope of Work › Written O&M Regulatory Compliance Program › Survey123/Collector Form Development & Deployment › Pipeline Centerlines & Point Feature Attributes ▪ HCA & USA Layers ▪ NHD ▪ DEM ▪ Aerial Imagery & Hybrid Layer ▪ Street Map Layer ▪ Terrain Layer ▪ Elevation Contour Layer › Data Dictionary Development & Management PROJECT PROFILE REGULATORY COMPLIANCE & ASSET MANAGEMENT › Custom Maps as Required ▪ Gathering vs. Trunk Lines ▪ Regulated & Non-Regulated ▪ Active & Inactive ▪ Pipeline Dimensions ▪ Carrier › Customized Analytical Tools ▪ Create Routes & Polygons ▪ Measure Area & Measure Length ▪ Generate Centerline Buffers › Customized Reports › SharePoint for Data Sharing, Scheduling & Tracking › Data Management & Technical Support Professional Surveying and Engineering Services are only offered and performed in the states in which Audubon Field Solutions, LLC or Audubon Engineering Company, L.P. are licensed to offer or perform those services. Please contact us to obtain detailed licensing information and services offered by an Audubon Companies Entity. Client: XTO ENERGY | Location: COYANOSA, TX

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