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Process safety and risk management

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People. Flexibility. Relationships. Experience. Capabilities The Audubon Advantage ▪ Risk Management • PSI Verification and Update • Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) Services ◦ HAZOP ◦ HAZID Studies ◦ LOPA ◦ FMEA ◦ What-If/Checklists ◦ Brainstorming ▪ Construction Risk Assessments • HAZID • Installation • Critical Lifts, Transportation ▪ Process Safety Consulting • PSM/RMP Compliance Audits • Mechanical Integrity • Safety Management Systems, Procedures, and Manuals • Safety Engineering (Relief and Flare Systems, Process Evaluation) ▪ Process Quality Consulting • Auditing ▪ Custom Solutions for Specific Process Safety, Risk Management and Technical Writing Needs ▪ Efficient Mitigation of Potential Safety, Environmental and Operability Risks ▪ OSHA Standard CFR191O.119 PSM-Compliant Deliverables ▪ 19 Million Safe Man-Hours Worked ▪ Cost, Time, and Quality Assurance PROCESS SAFETY AND RISK MANAGEMENT REV1-03-NOV-2020 IMPROVING THE SAFETY AND INTEGRITY OF FACILITY ASSETS At Audubon Companies, we help you go beyond compliance - we strive to achieve the highest level of safety, avoid adverse environmental impacts, and improve business value and performance for every project. Our team of process safety and risk management specialists use advanced methodologies and technologies to access and implement comprehensive safety and risk management programs. With decades of process safety experience in the energy sector, we ensure safe, uninterrupted operations that comply with OSHA, DOT, EPA & BSEE regulations.

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