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Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Solutions

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People. Flexibility. Relationships. Experience. Capabili es: ▪ Full Turnkey Execu on - EPC ▪ Project Development ▪ Conceptual Engineering ▪ Technology Selec on ▪ RNG Technology Design and Fabrica on ▪ Right of Way ▪ Environmental services ▪ Survey (Preliminary and Construc on) ▪ Detailed Engineering and Design ▪ Modular Skid Fabrica on ▪ Construc on Management and Inspec on ▪ Automa on and Controls ▪ Start Up and Commissioning ▪ Opera ons and Maintenance Support RENEWABLE NATURAL GAS (RNG) SOLUTIONS REV0-22-FEB-2021 BIOMETHANE - PIPELINE QUALITY BIOGAS Audubon Companies serves the renewable gas (RNG) industry in developing carbon-neutral alterna ves to conven onal natural gas produc on from emi ng sources such as landfills, livestock, agriculture, waste water, and coal. Working with owners, operators, and project developers, we analyze biogas composi on and design appropriate trea ng and condi oning facili es to remove water, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and other trace impuri es. The resul ng pipeline-quality biogas and carbon dioxide are marketable products, crea ng new revenue streams and poten al carbon tax credits and other federal incen ves. Our experience in process facili es design, fabrica on, pipeline engineering, and rou ng offers RNG clients integrated turnkey solu ons for RNG project development and execu on. We provide flexible execu on op ons and customize our solu ons to meet our clients' specific business needs and objec ves – safely and efficiently. Our services span the en re project lifecycle from project scoping and feasibility studies, pipeline rou ng and constructability, process technology selec on through detailed design, construc on, and commissioning support of RNG projects around the U.S.

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