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People. Flexibility. Relationships. Experience. auduboncompanies.com info@auduboncompanies.com REV0-24-FEB-2021 PRESERVING CRITICAL ASSETS AND MINIMIZING RISK Storage tanks inspec ons are vital to ensure safe and reliable energy infrastructure opera ons. At Audubon Companies, we provide comprehensive tank inspec on services using a range of tradi onal and advanced non-destruc ve evalua on (NDE) methods for both in-service and out-of-service storage tanks. As specialists in anomalies that may threaten exis ng assets, our extensive experience, training, and advanced technologies give our clients a full view of their assets. Our inspec ons help tank operators iden fy signs of damage, including corrosion, leakage, cracking, and wall thinning. In accordance with industry standards and API codes, we provide robust solu ons, documenta on, and data to ensure our clients meet compliance requirements and remain in service. Our goal is to enable clients to make be er decisions to preserve their cri cal assets and minimize risk - safely and efficiently. ▪ 3D Scanning ▪ Phased Array Ultrasound ▪ Guided Wave Ultrasound ▪ Automated Ultrasound ▪ Semi-Automated Ultrasound ▪ Magne c Par cle Tes ng ▪ Carbon Equivalency ▪ Chemical Analysis ▪ Hardness ▪ Soil Resis vity ▪ Soil and Ground Water PH ▪ Pipe-to-Soil Poten als ▪ Sub Meter GPS STORAGE TANK NON-DESTRUCTIVE EVALUATION (NDE) INSPECTION SERVICES

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