The Three Graces: On Time, On Budget and on Station

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Sharing data with other contractors To avoid overloading the heavy lifting device (HLD) used to hoist the topsides deck, centre of gravity (CG) calculations were critical. Audubon Engineering Solutions needed to work closely with EXMAR Offshore to ensure design compatibility and accuracy. To achieve this, information exchanged between the two companies was based on a model swap schedule. Once a week in Houston the design coordinator would physically load a drive with the PDMS database and update it with the latest hull model. AVEVA PDMS enabled Audubon Engineering Solutions to collaborate with EXMAR, monitor the CG, and make adjustments as required. Similarly, they had to work closely with Kiewit Offshore Services (who was responsible for the fabrication of the topsides integration on site) to ensure that the overall weight of the design was within the limits of the HLD. Hyundai began cutting steel for the hull in its yard in South Korea in March 2013, and a year later the hull was offloaded at the Kiewit yard. Two weeks after that, the integrated truss deck and topsides were added to the hull. At 9,580 metric tons, it was the heaviest single lift the Kiewit yard had ever executed. The operation was flawless, taking less than five hours, which included the initial positioning of the hull, right through to the release of the load. The next step 'Audubon Engineering Solutions has always strived to be at the forefront of technology, so the adoption of AVEVA Everything 3D™ (AVEVA E3D™) is definitely in the cards, especially because we can introduce it side by side with AVEVA PDMS to avoid a "Big Bang" approach,' added Taylor. 'It has all of the qualities that have made PDMS so valuable plus some impressive new features that can make our project delivery even more streamlined.' Denis went on to explain that, while making the move to AVEVA 3D is a possibility, its adoption would have to occur without negatively impacting Audubon Engineering Solutions' ability to meet client needs. 'Staying competitive is the goal of every company and to do that, risks and benefits must be carefully weighed,' he said. 'The move to AVEVA E3D will be about minimising risk and maximising opportunities. Our goal would be to capitalise on the advantages it provides without affecting project schedule or cost.' Delta House Success At the moment, work on Delta House 2 is already under way. Because the Delta House concept can be used on so many different types of projects, Audubon Engineering Solutions is implementing an approach that reuses as much of the design as possible. Though very similar, Delta House 2 will take lessons learned from Delta House 1 to create an even more cost-efficient platform. 'We have already begun replicating the best parts of DH1 onto DH2,' Martin explained. 'AVEVA tools make duplicating an intelligent model quick and painless, whether it's just one piece of equipment or an entire project.' Meanwhile, Delta House 1 is already in operation, having produced first oil in April 2015 – two full years earlier than what is typically expected for similar platforms throughout the globe. About Audubon Engineering Solutions Audubon Engineering Solutions is a multidisciplinary engineering and consulting company serving the oil & gas, petrochemical, refining, and power industries. From the wellhead to the refinery, Audubon Engineering Solutions delivers turnkey onshore and offshore EPCM solutions to clients throughout the entire project life cycle, on time and within budget. Audubon Engineering Solutions' reputation is centered on providing engineering excellence and flexibility without compromising safety, value or quality. For more information, visit To expedite the construction process, Delta House was designed as a single-level platform. Lead time from sanction to installation was approximately 30 months. Photograph courtesy of Audubon Engineering Solutions.

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