Audubon Engineering Solutions Appointed by ZeoGas LLC as Owner’s Engineer on new 16,500 bpd GTG Facility

September 15, 2014 Audubon Companies

Audubon Engineering Solutions, an affiliate of Audubon Companies, has been named Owner’s Engineer by ZeoGas LLC for a 16,500 barrel-per-day natural gas to gasoline production facility project being developed along the US Gulf Coast. As Owner’s Engineer, Audubon Engineering Solutions will provide interface and integration guidance services ensuring that the EPC, technology licensors and equipment and other service suppliers adhere to project specifications, from planning and development through to commercial operations.

The ZeoGas facility project utilizes licensed technology from Air Liquide Process and Construction, Inc. (MegaMethanol®) and ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company (MTG). In addition to project management, lead engineering and documentation services, Audubon Engineering Solutions will provide guidance during the technical review of the facility design, including process-related and all engineering-related disciplines.

“This project aligns with Audubon Companies’ ongoing expansion activities in the midstream market and pairs well with our core gas processing business. We see GTL and LNG, including micro-scale efforts, as strong long-term growth areas for our companies,” says Audubon Companies CEO Lee Beckett.

The completed facility will have the capability to produce 5,000 tons per day of Grade AA methanol that will be used to produce more than 16,000BPD of ASTM-spec 87 Octane gasoline with zero sulfur and about 50% less benzene than allowable standards.

About Audubon Companies
Audubon Companies is a leading provider of full-service EPCM solutions to the global oil and gas, petrochemical and refining industries. We deliver unsurpassed quality and scalability to our clients differentiated by our proven integrated flexible approach and unique project solutions committed to excellence in engineering and execution. Our continued success as a company comes from the reliability and ingenuity of our people in everything that we do. For more information about Audubon Companies, please visit

About ZeoGas LLC
ZeoGas is developing the first of what it expects to be a portfolio of plants to convert plentiful and clean natural gas into zero sulfur, reduced benzene gasoline, using a unique processing strategy. The first ZeoGas plant will employ Air Liquide Process and Construction, Inc.’s MegaMethanol® technology, licensed for upfront methanol production and ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Company’s methanol to gasoline technology, licensed for zero sulfur gasoline production. Its management team represents over 80 years of collective experience managing complex organizations and the engineering, permitting, construction and operation of large-scale chemical processing plants. For more information on ZeoGas, please visit

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